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Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio:





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Heather Pierson Jazz Trio:


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Music Monthly Magazine interview - August 2020


Drive Time Interview on June 28, 2018

Tony Zore sits down with George Wiese and Heather Pierson to discuss Heather Pierson Trio’s upcoming Stone Mountain Arts Center performance to benefit Mountain Top Music Center.


Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio to share folk, blues and jazz at 6 On The Square in Oxford

Published 7:15 a.m. ET Oct. 31, 2018 | Updated 10:38 a.m. ET Nov. 5, 2018
Chris Kocher, Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin










"Heather is like two great acts in one, sliding from sweet acoustic Appalachian old-timey vibe with Patty Griffinesque lyrics to brassy New Orleans blues piano with a bone thrown to Bessie Smith."
DC Bloom | Lone Star Music Magazine


"[Heather] has created a new trio that embraces Americana styles and gives it a new perspective.  Blending jazz, folk, blues with three part harmonies and stellar instrumentals, this band turns heads!" 
Ron Olesko | Sing Out! Magazine | WFDU


"She killed it in a New Orleans style jazzy blues that didn't seem to be able to come from such a youthful reserved woman!"
Eddie "Edge" Ferranti |


"One of my favorite songwriters of recent years, Pierson guides her trio through original tunes and choice cover songs that run the gamut from folk to jazz to blues. It all flows together into a cohesive whole through Pierson’s quiet charm, versatile voice and multi-instrumental skills. Band members Davy Sturtevant (strings and cornet) and Shawn Nadeau (upright bass) add a lot to the mix, too. This concert previewed a few new songs that would appear on the album 'Singin’,' released in June, including the title track, 'Take a Deep Breath and Smile' and 'Sometimes I Can’t Believe My Luck,' a humorous (in hindsight) tale of how life as a touring musician can go wrong."
Chris Kocher | The Press & Sun-Bulletin | Binghamton, NY


“There's a real pureness to her voice as she leads us through intimate corners of her experiences and tells stories with a Joni Mitchell kind of edge… Her hands float on and above the piano keys with the ease of a longtime player; it's as if it's as second nature as breathing.”
Aimsel Ponti | Portland Press Herald


"Heather Pierson and her trio explore relationships, both human and terrestrial, in a rootsy vein on Still She Will Fly. On Motherless Child, she pursues blues themes via the jazz piano route. One exception to the blues motif is her interpretation of “Norwegian Wood.” The beauty of its minor key treatment left me misty-eyed. Heather’s bell-like alto lends itself well to both genres. Her overall virtuosity is astounding."
Richard Cuccaro | Acoustic Live NYC


"Pierson’s voice is strong yet vulnerable, conveying tremendous emotional depth and passion as she tells stories about life, social issues and ills, love and loss, and more in a no-nonsense style that gets her point across… Heather’s musical voice is fresh, original, and a delight to behold. Very highly recommended!"
Kathy Parsons | 

"Heather Pierson, a woman with a formidable voice—large, rich, forceful." 
Daniel Garrett | The Compulsive Reader



"Heather's Trio gave one of the most entertaining, artistic, and engaging performances we've hosted in our 46 years! Their consummate musicianship, gorgeous vocal harmonies, and excellent songwriting held me and our full-house audience spellbound. Individually, the three of them are terrific. As a trio they are astounding... The walls of our little venue hold many wonderful sounds and memories. We've just added some of the best."
Dave Humphreys | Two Way Street Coffeehouse | Downers Grove, IL


"If you're one of those people who likes any style done well-- old-school jazz, folk, pop, classical--you'll love this prodigiously talented threesome. Keyboards, brass, all sorts of strings, and beautiful singing make for a dynamic show packed with energy and surprises." 
Sarah Craig | Caffe Lena | Saratoga Springs, NY


"The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio's performance was jaw-droppingly good... three of the most talented and well seasoned players we've been fortunate to have on our stage. Strong songwriting impeccably presented with joy, feels, and wit. It was a privilege and an honor."
Mark Piepkorn | Stage 33 Live | Bellows Falls, VT


 ”Heather Pierson is a dynamic performer who holds back much of her virtuosic skills in place of putting the song first. Because of this, her lyrics, melodies, and harmonies take front and center stage, placing you at the heart of her story. In her Acoustic Trio, she is backed by the equally exceptional playing of Davy Sturtevant (multi-instrumentalist/vocalist) and Shawn Nadeau (bassist/vocalist).”
Sean Morin | Frontier Café, Cinema, & Gallery | Brunswick, ME


"We truly enjoyed hosting the Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio at our Earth Room Concerts series... those that attended were wowed by the excellent musicianship of this trio."
Bob Kelley | Earth Room Concerts | Lincroft, NJ


”[Heather‘s Charlie Brown Christmas show is] a festive show that brings together jazz heads and families of all ages, all coming to hear a virtuoso knock out a classic.”
Jeff Beam | One Longfellow Square | Portland, ME


“The Heather Pierson Jazz Trio has quickly grown to an audience favorite at our venue. They are consummate performers who engage the crowd and always leave them asking for more.“
Joshua Gass | Bangor Arts Exchange | Bangor, ME


"We were thrilled to see The Heather Pierson Jazz Trio at The Whitney Center in Jackson. What a venue. They sounded great! Not only are they outrageously talented musicians but they played a variety of music and interacted with the audience in a fun way. If you like Jazz, this is a group that should not be missed."
Alison Verran | Whitney Community Center | Jackson, NH


"The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio concert was everything it was expected to be and more!  Vocally and on their instruments, the virtuosity of the three musicians was amazing. The music just flowed and the audience was caught up in the joy of it from the minute the songs began. Can't wait until they perform again."
Janet Krack | Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie, PA 


“The audience at Music on Centre in Boston was dazzled by their introduction to the versatility and vitality of the Heather Pierson Trio. Such fun - like a rollicking musical journey flowing effortlessly from smoky-bar blues to lovely, well-crafted originals to jazzy tunes enhanced by Davy Sturtevant’s classy trumpet skills. Some new fans compared Heather Pierson’s voice and style to that of Maria Muldaur and all were impressed by the number of instruments and genres that were presented so professionally and delightfully by the three musicians.”
Carol Allen | Music on Centre | West Roxbury, MA


"Heather and her band blew us away.  The three of them are able to find the right mix to 'complete' each other.  Heather’s strong vocals were perfectly complemented by Shawn’s bass, and Davy’s (OMG, what can you say about Davy?) multi-instrumentalist magic added another 'just right' layer to their sound.  I’ve spoken to a lot of our audience since then, and they’re still raving about them!  Wonderful show!"
Nick Pangaro | Sleepy Hollow Homestead | Chester, NH


"It was a delight to have the Heather Pierson Trio play on the EOH stage. They brought true meaningful music to the venue that filled the air with almost tangible heart and soul.  The Trio presented with amazingly high and engaging energy representing an incredible array of varying musical genres. We'll have them back again!" 
Michelle Connelly | Earlville Opera House | Earlville, NY


“An incredible blend of music, skill, charm, and humor, Heather Pierson is an amazing performer who can coax the most wonderful sounds out of a piano. Don’t pass up a chance to see her!”
Anne M. Sullivan, executive director | The Tillotson Center | Colebrook, NH


''Sometimes you book someone for the first time knowing that they are destined to become an audience favorite. At intermission people were already telling me that I needed to bring The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio back as soon as possible, so I guess I was right!"
Bailey Jones | Sundilla Concert Series | Auburn, AL


'"Heather Pierson Trio are a favorite at the ACMA.  Comments heard after the show included:  'Excellent!'  'One of the best ever!'  The ACMA has a busy schedule as a sought after venue, but we specifically saved a date for Heather Pierson Trio as we knew the quality of her music and wanted to bring her back for her second time at the ACMA.  It won’t be the last time either!"
Alice Schaefer | Americana Community Music Association | Fort Myers, FL


"The Ronny Cox and Heather Pierson Trio show was a musical masterpiece. What a fabulous night."
Cathy Woolsey | Indian River Arts & Concerts | Vero Beach, FL


"Heather Pierson has an unprepossessing presentation. She kind of makes fun of herself as a 'good girl' in a song, and I suppose there’s a bit of that vibe about her. Each song has an unwavering maturity, which is part of what sets Heather apart. Her musical observations are a compelling combination of insight and love. She seems to be an extraordinarily well-centered woman, leading one to wonder about from where this muse springs. I mean, aren’t artists filled with angst, neuroses, and unresolved issues? Start with a heart full of great melodies. Every Heather Pierson song is a wonderfully tuneful creation. Then add a penchant for putting the right lyrics with those tunes in a variety of styles, and in an evening with Heather onstage you have a pleasant and comfortable, yet beautifully unpredictable, journey."
Ken Hardley | Rolling Hills Radio | Jamestown, NY


“The Heather Pierson Trio played our grand finale concert at the end of our July Music from the Back Porch Series. No artist or band caused as many ’Thank you!’ or ’They were great!’ emails to appear in my inbox.  In the grand setting of our Marcy Airport field her songfest of explosive fun music brought the audience and the surrounding mountains in to her exciting and intimate circle of music fun.  The youngest dancers to the relaxing picnickers loved it all whether jazz, folk, blues, or songer/songwriter. So much talent in these three - you'll think you've been to an all-day festival in one show!”
Nancy Emrich Freeman |


“Heather is a real triple threat, with great vocals, outstanding instrumental prowess, and stellar songwriting.”
Don Baker | Acoustic Journeys | Asheville, NC


"Whether its folk, bluegrass or Dave Brubeck jazz, Heather Pierson always puts on an impeccable show.”
Mark L. Smith | Crab Donkey Showcases


 “Heather captivated our audience with beautiful vocals and keyboard work, across a wide variety of genres including blues and jazz… Heather and Shawn are pros at what they do… Highly recommended.”
Lee Herman | Windy City House Concerts | Chicago, IL


“I first saw Heather perform at NERFA in 2012.  It didn’t take me long to decide I needed to book her at both my venues.  She writes great songs and is very professional.  She’s the real deal.”
Rich Mosley | Off The Common Coffeehouse | Soule Homestead


"We were delighted to feature Heather Pierson at the second annual Listening Room Festival. The depth and delivery of her material captured many new hearts on the big stage and in the small living rooms."
Fran Snyder, founder |





"Heather is a musicians' musician.  Best piano-based folk since early Joni Mitchell.  And there's a great message here."
Ken Nagelberg | WHYR



"Wow! She has it all and then some. And the band, were equally impressive. She played three Chicago area gigs and the consensus was she's one of the best performers we've seen in many a year. Fabulous voice, great poise on stage, great instrumental chops, and good songs as well as great covers." 

"Pierson joins forces with talented bassist Shawn Nadeau and gifted multi-instrumentalist Davy Strutevant, who plays fiddle cornet, dobro, mandolin, guitar, and banjo as well as providing worthy harmony vocals. The album title provides the key, Singin'. Pierson's full, versatile, fluid voice combines maturity with freshness. She knows how to work her way around and through a song. While she penned most of the songs on this CD, for reference points she includes Dark as a Dungeon and (I'm) Confessin' (That I Love You). The songs range from bluesy to ragtime to straight-up contemporary singer-songwriter as Pierson, who plays guitar and piano, easily leaps between styles."
Rich Warren | The Midnight Special & Folkstage | 98.7 WFMT & nationally syndicated


"Heather Pierson is an amazing talent.  Her gorgeous, rich vocals are filled with soul.  She can mesmerize you on the piano, the guitar - even the melodica.  She's as comfortable and adept with bluegrass as she is with jazz.  With Heather, there is absolutely nothing not to like.  Don't you dare miss an opportunity to hear her live or to purchase her recordings."
Al Kniola | 88.1 WVPE Public Radio


“Great things often come in small packages. Heather Pierson, an accomplished musician, performer and songwriter is a prime example! At times, her voice is gentle, wise and earthy. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she belts out a soulful, passionate song that simply WOWS! If you have not yet discovered the joyful sounds of Heather Pierson, you simply MUST check her out!  You will thank me later!”
Joltin Joe, The Mad Scientist | Radio Nowhere, WMSC FM


"[Heather's] playing is exquisite... [Motherless Child] is really an impressive record!"
Mark Michaelis | Folk Music Director, WGDR 88.1 FM





"An amazing vocalist and musician all around.  What a gem!  With skill and finesse, Heather Pierson creates an engaging musical tapestry, deftly weaving diverse musical references into a cohesive and compelling sound."
Joe Jencks | singer/songwriter and performer | founding member, Brother Sun


"I was blown away by Heather Pierson's performance as well... she is a piano player of the first order."
Gary Stockdale | singer/songwriter and performer


“Always the consummate professional… All a listener can ask from a performance is to be uplifted, taken on a journey, and safely returned home, and Heather Pierson delivers."
Jonathan Sarty | singer/songwriter | producer/host – Cold River Radio Show


“Heather is a great instrumentalist, but also a fantastic singer and songwriter. And she's one of the sweetest, nicest people you'd ever want to meet.”
John R. Butler | singer/songwriter and performer